Key manager

  • show station key statuses
  • give/revoke keys (with playername autocomplete)
  • copy members from other key(s) with a clipboard.

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Sample images:

Show Players In Sector
This plugin shows pilots in sector with guild tags and faction colors. List is shown every time someone enters or leaves the sector.
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Sample images:

Trade helper plugins – buyall and bestsell
These plugins helps you to find the most profitable trade item in one system.
/buyall (buys and loads one piece of every trade item)
/bestsell (finds the best profit/cu of the loaded items)

Download buyall
Download bestsell

Target Nearest Real Enemy
This plugin skips group and guild members when targetting nearest enemy.
Plugin overrides default “get nearest enemy” binding with a new functionality. Original original bindings are restored on exit.

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KNOWN ISSUES: If VO crashes, the original binds are not restored.